For over 10 years, PortfolioAnalyst has been at the forefront of elite performance software. We rapidly scaled from a limited tool focused on sophisticated individuals into a sizable global platform vendor by leveraging the power of a passionate team, automation and client feedback.

Recognizing the opportunity to provide a low-cost service to individuals and institutions seeking alternatives to expensive portfolio management software, we vastly expanded our online, external account aggregation and performance valuation offering.

Today, with nearly one million users, we provide clients the confidence they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing market.

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Backed by IBKR, ranked #1 Online Broker of 2023 by Barron’s.1

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  1. Interactive Brokers earned top ratings from Barron's for the past thirteen years. A 5.0 star rating, June 9, 2023. A 5.0 star rating, March 24, 2022. A 5.0 star rating, February 26, 2021, February 21, 2020. A 4.5 star rating February 22, 2019, March 26, 2018, March 20, 2017, March 23, 2016, March 21, 2015, March 17, 2014, March 11, 2013, March 14, 2012 and March 14, 2011 Barron's Best Online Brokers. Criteria included Trading Experience and Technology, Usability, Mobile, Range of Offerings, Research Amenities, Portfolio Analysis & Reports, Customer Service, Education and Security, and Costs. Supporting documentation for claims and statistical information will be provided upon request. Barron's is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

  • The projections or other information generated by the PortfolioAnalyst tool regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. Please note that results may vary with use of the tool over time.

*Interactive Brokers Group and its affiliates. For additional information view our Investors Relations - Earnings Release