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  • IBKR clients also benefit from real-time data regarding their IBKR positions.
  Supported Account Types
Report Type Brokerage Bank Credit Card Other Assets Other Liabilities
Standard Reports
Account Overview
Breakdown of Accounts
Open Position Summary*
Time Period Performance Statistics
Time Period Benchmark Comparison
Cumulative Performance Statistics
Cumulative Benchmark Statistics
Risk Measures
Risk Measures Benchmark Comparison
Historical Performance
Historical Performance Benchmark Comparison
Allocation by Asset Class
Allocation by Region
Allocation by Financial Instrument
Allocation and Performance by Sector
Performance Attribution vs. S&P 500
Performance by Asset Class
Performance by Long & Short
Performance by Financial Instrument
Performance by Symbol
Performance by Underlying
Trade Summary
Corporate Actions
Interest Details
Deposits and Withdrawals
Fee Summary
Premium Reports on IBKR Account
Projected Income Report Only Available to IBKR Clients

* Cost basis and unrealized P&L fields only available to IBKR clients.

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