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Consolidate, track and analyze. Link your investment, checking, savings, credit cards, annuities, incentive plans, mortgages, student loans and more to help you understand your current financial state and plan for the future.

Get sector, asset class and regional allocations across all financial institutions worldwide.

Better understand risks vs. returns with powerful analytics.

Stay on track with allocation goals for seamless rebalancing.

Transform portfolio data into powerful analytics. Our at-a-glance dashboard, Portfolio Checkup, provides key analytics including portfolio returns, risk measures such as Sharpe Ratio and Max Drawdown, as well as distribution by geography, asset class and sector. Socially conscious? Review your portfolio’s consolidated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings and rebalance as desired.

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Seize opportunities with real-time monitoring, analysis and trading.

Why trade later? Compare your month-to-date performance to the benchmark of your choice, click on the position and buy at the dip. Make informed investment decisions. Ensure your portfolio valuations are current with our free real-time market data.

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Drive growth, spot savings and mitigate household expenses.

Lifestyle decisions almost always involve money: Buy or rent? Vacation or staycation? Save for college or pay down student loans? With your full financial picture right in front of you it’s easier to make choices, spot areas to cut expenses and find opportunities to save. Stay on track with automated expense reports delivered to your email.

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Your data is safe

Your data is safe.

PortfolioAnalyst understands and values the trust you place in us to safeguard confidential data. We use industry standard security measures when linking your accounts with PortfolioAnalyst and follow strict operational guidelines regarding access to your data.

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